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Got some awesome shots today at the FDR Toys For Tots meet by @mullerg60 Cant wait to see them. #fdr #totsmeet #mkv #mkvkids #mk5 #BBS #eatshit

Got my difusser back again &still won’t fit right. Anyone with a shaved difusser please contact me. #mkv #mkvkids #mk5

@jshort675 #sti #gti #subaru #vw #mkv #mk5 #nature #BBS (Taken with Instagram)

Shes back!!! &Toms a fag

My car as of yesterday. I should have her back in about 2weeks.


all black errr-thang


Happy Kev?  watermark

Yes thank you &thanks for this shot  [;

Oh heyyyy


TGR for the LULZ. Loved the new hair cut dude!



I believe this is the first time ever, two sets of these wheels have been in the same place at one time. 50% of the known 18” sets in the US were sharing the same tarmac. Rare to see one unicorn, let alone a pair, mating. Stay tuned, more to come from the Club Autostrada shoot. Big thanks to Dan Crosley for the comparison snappers. 

             Air + Color Match                                 Static + Full Polish



Gotta be quick to the draw with MM5 pics. People are getting on his shots like stank on skunk. 

Great snapper here. Mike has been killing it recently. 

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